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Owner Chef

Taiki Kawai

Based on traditional cuisine prepared cautiously one by one,using the best of Hawaii’s own ingredients and preparing stocks with water from land of Aloha.

Please enjoy ‘Kaiseki style’ Japanese cooking that incorporated best of Hawaiian ingredients and spirit.

I will continue to pursue perfection every day from now on.


Born in Hyogo Japan in 1977.

In 1995, in Kioicho's membership club in Tokyo, working with a former director and head chef of the New Otani Hotel's, Hiroshi Igawa refining his cooking skills of Japanese cuisine.

In 2005, he became the Japanese chef of the New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel in Hawaii and inaugurated as head chef.

In 2012, inaugurated as a head chef at Hawaii's finest izakaya/sushi restaurant.

In 2018 inaugurated as a head chef at Akira.

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